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Car shipping for college students: – Tips to follow

Car shipping for college students: – Tips to follow

Every year we witness a massive upsurge in car shipping for college students. So here is some advice for college students because shipping cars among college students is way different than any other form of shipping. Car shipping is not easy and involves a lot of tasks. You need to understand and analyze before you jump to the decision to ship a car. College students are always relaxed about the car shipping process because they understand the intricacies involved, but their parents are often worried about the whole process. Every parent loves their children and doesn’t want them to face any inconvenience that too when they are drifting away. Most universities have a requirement that freshman lives on the campus and forbid them from having vehicles. But not all of them. Parents have a lot of concerns while car shipping for their students and it might be a little difficult for auto shipping companies. For instance – Sticking a square peg in a round hole, precise performance, ask for guarantees in car shipping for college students and it can be daunting at times to deliver that level of service for anyone. car shippingHere is some car shipping advice for college students that should be taken care of beforehand to avoid hassle at the last moment:-

Determine the date

Determine the date the student will arrive on campus and add an extra day for receiving your vehicle. No one wants to meet a car shipping driver the same day you move to your campus because you are already occupied with a lot of many other things going on. And no one wants the vehicle to arrive a day earlier, or on the day the student arrives because no one would be there to meet the driver and receive the car and pay him.

Determine the distance

You need to understand the distance between the point of origin to the university or college. This is important because if it is a long journey, then you need to have patience and plan the things earlier. The drivers can only drive a particular distance in a day for the safety of their vehicles and them. So if the gap between the two places is more plan to ship the car before the determined dater so that it reaches the destination the day next to the set date.

Don’t expect any guarantee

You need to understand that its not only you but also several other vehicles will also be shipped within proximity of both the origin and destination. When shipping companies tell you that they will deliver the vehicle on a particular date they don’t guarantee you because they can face any uncertainty on the way. It means that in some cases, the college student needs to have patience and stay without a vehicle for a few days and perhaps over a week. Most of the universities have enough transit system, and at times, college students are fine with it. So until your college student’s vehicle arrives, hopefully, he or she can make the use of university transit service.shipping.


Ask Transport Company about the insurance while before your car gets transported in enclosed trucks. When you choose Transport Company, you should expect extreme care of your vehicle and the ultimate in professionalism and customer service at a fair price. Read the terms and conditions of the insurance before signing any document. In case of any discrepancy discuss with the company beforehand. This will help you to make a claim if any damage occurs during the transition.

Secured containers

Apart from protecting your exotic car from outside also assure that the car transport company uses secure containers for shipping such as soft strapping and white glove delivery. These two services are crucial in ensuring your classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle arrives at its destination in perfect condition. While an enclosed container protects it from environmental hazards, if it is secured with rough or metal binds inside the container, there are still the chances of getting scratches or even bodily damage. Though there are not enough transport services available to transport your exotic car, you need to take extra caution to make sure that your expensive vehicle gets what it deserves.  Auto Transport Company in New York .