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Cheapest Way To Ship a Car

                             CHEAPEST WAY TO SHIP A CAR

Purchased a car out of the state or moving out of the city we know-how daunting and tedious task it is to think about how to ship your car. The location & time are the key factors that also decide the cost of shipping your car. Cheapest Way To Ship a Car

When you start exploring transport services you will end up with a long list of car delivery services we know how overwhelming it is and out of your instinct, you will try to choose the cheapest way of delivery. But wait here is a red alert for you. The cheapest way of shipping your car might cause a hole in your pocket in the long run.

Here are the few points which you must ask yourself before you decide the appropriate method of shipping your car

  • What kind of transportation facility do you prefer your car to travel – Open carrier or enclosed container?
  • How long can you wait for the delivery of your car? A day, A week or longer.
  • Can you wait to get multiple quotes or need the quotes on an immediate basis?

Once you find the answer to all your questions tries to get multiple quotes to choose the best option.

When it comes to car delivery we generally recommend you to go with the cheapest and the convenient method – Open carrier. Even you will witness a handful of car delivery services ready to provide you with an open carrier method. And what makes it the most preferred choice is the cost involved. Enclosed carrier method is 2x times expensive than the open carrier method.

We know we all look forward to getting the cheapest price involved and most of the brokers also try to entice the customers who are running low on budget.

But here is something you need to understand. These brokers might be the best option to go with but later on the date, the whole task turns out to be intimidating. These brokers find it difficult to arrange carrier or company who agrees to provide service at such rate and then ask you to make more money out of the deposits made. So when you start strolling through the searches look for reviews of the transport companies on third party websites.

What are the different methods of Shipping the car? How to select the cheapest way to ship the car ?

Open transport

The cheapest and the convenient method of car shipping  where your car enjoys the cool breeze and moves on the open road.

Close transport

The method in which your car travels in a well-protected environment  from all weather conditions and debris of road. But it is one of the most expensive method of shipping your car. It may cost more than 80% of the open transport system. Classic, vintage and restored vehicle like Camaro and Alfa Romeo you should be shipped through a closed transport carrier.

DIY transport

You can drive the whole distance yourself but consider the factors like food and lodging charges and you might not be aware of state-wise or country wise taxes and customs charges.

The above information is from the best of our knowledge and we hope you find these tips informative and help you make the right choice. Until then Adios !!