Classic Car Shipping

Optimum use of Classic Car Shipping

Optimum use of Classic Car Shipping

If you have a complete overlook at the Auto transport company you will realize that most of the segment is taken over by the normal car shipping services whereas classic car shipping services do not hold a major part. Though classic car shipping services do not hold many parts of the services but are a major contribution to the same. This is the reason that classic cars are considered valuable and major care is taken while shipping them. Here are a few tips that help you make optimum use of classic car shipping services.

Understand the value of your car

Firstly you need to be very clear about open or closed transport service. As you are already aware that the open transport system is readily available and cheap. On the other hand, closed transport is expensive and is meant for high end or expensive vehicles. So we would suggest you understand the value of your car. If your car is expensive and classic you should directly go for enclosed transport service. But if your car is classic but does not hold much worth you should go for open transport service. It’s not at all good idea to find cheap transport services for your classic cars.

Read the reviews                                     

When it comes to shipping a classic car or any vehicle we recommend you to check the reviews. Again we won’t tell you to completely rely on Google reviews. Try to check with the top-rated companies though their prices may be competitive they will go out of the way to meet your requirement so that they don’t lose their image. There are platforms where genuine reviews are posted by clients after signing up you should visit those websites. Even any company who is known for its services will try to help you with clients testimonials and go out of the league to help you anyway. A company like us also work with the only objective of customer satisfaction.

Inspect the vehicle

Inspection is the critical procedure of the shipping process and is done at both pickup and drop location. At times the customers are not available to check that everything is fine before shipping or at delivery which means any damage caused to your car is assumed to have occurred before transit and you cannot claim the driver later. Companies also don’t take much load to check the same because this limits their liability and put them on a safer side. So if you are shipping your classic car never take a chance and be there to ensure that everything is at its place.

Fix before you ship

Fix before you ship !! Now by that, we do not mean that your radio should be working. It simply means that before shipping your classic car ensure that it is in proper working condition. Because when your car is in a working position it is easy to load it on transport but when it don’t extra service is required for which you need to pay extra charges. Simple fixes beforehand might cause a little but paying extra charges at the shipping point will burn a hole in your pocket.

But finding all these services at one place not possible. Yes, it is we at  Auto Transport Company in New York ensures that all the above points are taking into consideration before shipping.