exotic car transport

Exotic car transport | Guide for new customers

Exotic car transport | Guide for new customers

The exotic car is the heart of your life, and you can barely think of drifting it apart. Exotic car transport service holds a minimum percentage though has a significant contribution to the transport business. Cars like Rolls Royce Phantom, Maserati Quattroporte, or Ferrari Enzo are some of the examples when we talk of the exotic cars. When it comes to shipping exotic cars, you need a company that has a brand value and can ensure the utmost safety of your vehicle. Here are some factors that should be taken care of while looking for an Exotic car transport servicecar shipping

Time of the year

It is imperative to understand which time of the year are you looking to transport your car. During the peak season, the shipping charges are doubled and when it comes to exotic car transport service the prices are high as a mountain.

Open vs Enclosed transport service                                     

WThe open auto transport service is most preferred by people who have a car that does not hold enough value and are looking for a less expensive way of shipping. On the other hand, enclosed transport service is preferred by someone who has a premium quality of care and does not want to risk the car just for some extra money. When it comes to exotic or vintage cars, you need to understand the value of your vehicle. We generally recommend enclosed transport service for the luxury of your life.

Research for Quality service

Owing an exotic, classic or vintage car does not come easy it’s all about years of hard work. So when it comes to exotic car transport service never compromise for the quality of the service. Make sure that your car is taken extra care of and is fully insured throughout the journey. Look for car transport company that has drivers who have already transported exotic cars and are skilled enough to rectify any issue if occurred during the transition. shipping.


Ask Transport Company about the insurance while before your car gets transported in enclosed trucks. When you choose Transport Company, you should expect extreme care of your vehicle and the ultimate in professionalism and customer service at a fair price. Read the terms and conditions of the insurance before signing any document. In case of any discrepancy discuss with the company beforehand. This will help you to make a claim if any damage occurs during the transition.

Secured containers

Apart from protecting your exotic car from outside also assure that the car transport company uses secure containers for shipping such as soft strapping and white glove delivery. These two services are crucial in ensuring your classic, exotic, or luxury vehicle arrives at its destination in perfect condition. While an enclosed container protects it from environmental hazards, if it is secured with rough or metal binds inside the container, there are still the chances of getting scratches or even bodily damage. Though there are not enough transport services available to transport your exotic car, you need to take extra caution to make sure that your expensive vehicle gets what it deserves.  Auto Transport Company in New York .