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Seasonal fluctuations in auto transport and its impact

What does the term “seasonal fluctuations in auto transport” imply? Most of us believe that auto transport is an ongoing business and it never stops. But you heard it right that as the season’s change there are ups and downs in the car transport industry. It is crucial to understand how do these fluctuations impact the auto industry. car shipping

January- The beginning of the year

Let’s start at the beginning of the year. Everyone is back from a long week of holidays. In the first week of January, the truck drivers and carriers are just like everybody else lagging with the hangover of holidays. For a week you won’t find much of these auto transports on the road, fewer cars are shipped, but bookings are still on for the shipment.

February – slowest month of the year

February is considered one of the slowest month of the year in the car shipping industry. If you are heading to Florida in January, you might witness a difference of $2-300 higher than then that of reverse. In case the broker is not willing to adjust his prices in February, then some people prefer booking orders for March or April ship dates that have entirely bogus pricing.

March – auto shipping business embarks in

You need to understand that its not only you but also several other vehicles will also be shipped within proximity of both the origin and destination. When shipping companies tell you that they will deliver the vehicle on a particular date they don’t guarantee you because they can face any uncertainty on the way. It means that in some cases, the college student needs to have patience and stay without a vehicle for a few days and perhaps over a week. Most of the universities have enough transit system, and at times, college students are fine with it. So until your college student’s vehicle arrives, hopefully, he or she can make the use of university transit service.shipping.

April & May – vehicles waiting to get shipped

As April and May set in the snowbirds are all set to come home by the tens of thousands. It is cheap and fast shipping to Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California during these months. But the services get delayed because there is the number of vehicles waiting to get shipped. It is the reverse of January. If you get a cheap price shipping from Florida in May, you have to wait a long time. But everyone is looking for fast delivery, so they pay an extra amount and get it done faster.

June, July & August – A huge upsurge in the services

The hot weather months of summer June and July witness a huge upsurge in auto shipping companies. As Companies relocate their employees, the kids are out of school, and it becomes easy for families to transit their vehicles. College students also ship their cars home in during these months. People start buying cars online in the summer due to which the shipping of vehicles gets elevated. Auto Transport Company in New York .

September, October & November – best months to ship you car

The best months to ship you car are September, October and November The number of car transport shipments gets a little slower than summer, which means you get faster service and slightly lower car shipping rates. You witness college students shipping their cars back in September, but the rush is not the same one in the summer. A slowdown is seen in the services for a few days during the Thanksgiving week but get back to the track the week after. Auto Transport Company in New York .

December – worst phase for auto shipping services

The seasonal fluctuations in auto transport are to be seen in December. Auto shipments services are on track week after the Thanksgiving till the early and mid-December. But once Christmas week and New Year’s Eve sets in the vehicle shipments slow to a crawl. The time is perhaps the worst phase for auto shipping services. People are busy with the celebrations, and they don’t want to hear any excuses, are disappointed if a Christmas present doesn’t arrive in time, and are often stressful.Auto Transport Company in New York .