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Tips For Transporting Your Vehicle From New York to Miami

The distance between two cities is 1285 miles which makes clear how daunting it can be to ship your vehicle from New York to Miami. But here are few New York to Miami vehicle shipping tips that can make a process much easier for you.

Apart from several days on the road let us also take into consideration the rest stops, overnight stays in a hotel, meal shipping your vehicle from New York to Miami can cause a lot on your pocket. Every year thousands of vehicles move from New York to Miami in the winter. The process starts somewhere in September and you can wish a huge rush in October and early November. Not only the distance but finding yourself a reliable transport service is also a challenge in itself.

Yes, we know that you have done your task and contacted the best transport services displayed on Google but that does not guarantee that they are going to do a good job. Some companies might change the quoted price, some won’t step in your shoe and understand the meaning of deadlines or timetables you have laid down and sometimes you hear a sorry because the agent told you he would find you the best company but he couldn’t.

Before I dwell deep inside the tips here are a few things that need to be understood – The distance of the trip depends on your location in New York. For some places in New York, 3-5 days is the average time duration and if you upstate add a day to the journey. Always have your mobile phones turned on so not to miss a call from the driver. The driver may call you a day before pickup and delivery. In case of agent stay in touch with him to get a timely update.

Choose on Open or Enclosed transport to Miami The distance is not any 100-5 00 miles it a long journey and choosing an option of open transport can put you in trouble. The weather conditions or any mishap can cause damage to your vehicle. But if you choose the enclosed transport system there are fewer chances of damage but be ready to burn a hole in your pocket because this system is 50% more expensive than the open transport system.

Connect with Driver

Some transport companies agree to reduce a set percentage of the amount if you agree to meet the driver at the location. This will result in fewer charges of toll taxes or traffic on highways that driver may face while reaching to your set location and hence he will automatically add it to the total. So meeting driver at the said location can help you save money.

Don’t overweight

We know how overwhelming it is to hear that some transport companies might allow you to pack 75-100 pounds of belongings in the vehicle. But wait didn’t you mention it is your vehicle, not a suitcase. Take two things into consideration firstly that transport companies may not cover your belongings under the insurance policy secondly, don’t overweight. Each transport has a weight limit and anything above that will result in a fine imposed on the driver.


Yes, we have mentioned already not to fall in the trap of Google reviews. At times Google reviews can be spammed with fake reviews or the reviews may be misleading or from the paid sources. Then how do I search? The simple answer to this question is to check the websites where you are asked to sign up to give a review. Example Better Business Bureau’s website and Yelp

We know it’s going to be stressful but hope you take these tips as a road map for transporting your vehicle from New York to Miami

In case you have more questions write to us in the comment section below. Until then Adios !!.